29th November 2016

Drink THIS First Thing in the Morning .......Warm Lemon Water and gain all these benefits!

Improve digestion: Lemon juice helps your body to improve digestion and stimulate bile production which means being an aid for heartburn and indigestion.

Boost energy for the day: Even just the scent of lemon juice has been shown to improve your mood and energy levels, and reduce anxiety.  Plus the detoxifying effect and alkalizing effect ( we all know about an over acid gut) can improve your energy through the removal of toxins from your body.

Help fat lose: Because it improves your digestive system, assists with the removal of toxins, and increases your energy levels, all in combination will help you to lose body fat too,through improving your hormonal balance... Yummy lovely lemons!

A simple as one, two ...

  1. Squeeze half to one whole lemon into a 200 mil cup,
  2. Top with warm water and
  3. Drink.

Lemon water


6th October 2016

Today we farewell our Champion, Jack!

Jack and his daughter Vicky star in the Eat advert which has been screening on Telly for about 4 years now. Their testimonial advert has given thousands the courage to pick up the phone or get online and order meals sight unseen. Jack is one of our local customers who has been EATing with us for about 7 years. He would drive into the car park, and walk to the door with his walking stick (which was decorated with stickers by his granddaughter) and would always have a smile on his face. Jack was the most lovely man you could ever meet.

We have thousands of customers that we see or speak to every week. Some of these customers become our friends as they chat to us about their lives of yesteryear or today and what their children/ grandchildren are up to. These people, like Jack and his family are very dear to us indeed.


Our lovely Jack. We will certainly miss your wonderful smile. 

Please give our regards to Joy and rest in peace our friend.



Christmas... Our biggest week ever!


Once again Christmas week sales blitzed us out of the water.  We hope you all had a wonderful festive season and got all the food you needed from us whilst our hard working team got their well-deserved break.

We enjoyed all our Christmas Fare and Margaret says if you didn’t try the Salmon with the Dill Cream Sauce then you definitely missed out on something very special and should make a note for next year and  here’s her story why!!!  A couple of weeks ago Alison dropped her 18 month old Emma off for dinner with me whilst she and Dave took their 10 year old on a date to the movies.   She brought around a Salmon frozen from Christmas for Emma’s dinner …  Fancy, I thought as I looked in the bag eagerly for my Salmon but apparently there was only one left so I got Soup!!!  Lucky for me, Emma is good at sharing! 

There was no time to thaw, so I whipped off the film and put the whole thing in the oven @ 180c for 30 min then plated it up.  It was the most delicious dish!!!  The Salmon  was moist and flakey, the vegetables bright green, the Jersey Bennie potatoes perfect and the sauce a lovely consistency… as I devoured (my portion) this wonderful dish I sat there  with a smile on my face and thought how VERY, VERY PROUD I am of our food… Emma looked pretty happy too!

NB:  A quick word though, heating in the oven gives a superior result and NOTHING tastes better than a meal nicely plated… it is worth the washing up!

Over the course of 2015 we asked ourselves... Do you really know what you are eating?

Luckily we do… Great cooking starts with well-sourced ingredients – especially if it’s on the end of your fork.  It’s important to us that all our growers share our love for the best growing practices and handling of their produce.

We source our vegetables from the Hawkes Bay, Fish from NZ waters, Chicken that’s genuine Waitoa Free Range, the Beef that’s PURE Wairarapa Angus and Red Devon sourced from the farm gate!  Now we have discovered pure Wairarapa Longbush Free Range Pork... For this menu it’s a trial so please look out for Longbush Free Range Pork on weeks one, two and five and if you have the internet then check out your future dinner at www.longbushpork.co.nz.  We have noticed a significant difference in the quality and taste of our beef since moving to Wairarapa beef and we can’t wait for you to experience the flavour difference in the pork.  It’s definitely well worth the slight increase for a far superior and happier product.    

People who love to eat are always the best people – (Julia Childs)… It’s true…We love to EAT!   We’ve gone to town on our recipes to make them the ultimate weeknight dinners. They’re guaranteed to warm your belly and put a big smile of satisfaction on your face  as well as ticking all the nutritional boxes.

First up ‘must try’ is Wairarapa Angus West Village Beef Stew. This is amazing eating, the taste and depth of flavour which comes from beef slow cooked in coffee, takes this taste assured meal to a whole new level!  Next up are two meals using Longbush Free Range Pork. First is Free range pork steak with balsamic and honey glaze and second, free range french pork with apples, cider & cream sauce paired with pommes boulangere & green beans.

Finally Sausages… If I know one thing for certain,   it’s that you lot love sausages!  Blackball Sausages have been a bit of a treat on our BBQ this summer.  Everyone has commented on the ‘great sausages’, and whilst  Dave says thank-you and puffs his proud BBQ cooking chest, I quietly tell people they are Blackball sausages from Moore Wilsons.  They are simply delicious, gluten free and also free from MSG and any nasties. They are the sausage that TASTE’s like a sausage should, so make sure you check out ‘Blackball on weeks two and five.

Sending your love through B1G1

Sending love through food continues from our kitchen to your kitchen.  It also means that for every meal you eat, a child somewhere in the world will receive a fresh, nutritious, meal or have access to fresh drinking water,  smiles on their faces and warmth in their belly.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Because of YOU, yes, you… it means together we can make a difference for a more loving and  caring world… and that is important, we think!


Go put a smile on your face and warm your belly with the up and coming menu,  Its delicious!