COVID-19 Courier Post Auckland 

Eat works with Courier Post (New Zealand Post) to ship all meals from our place to yours. 

Courier post have advised that 2 of their staff have tested positive for Covid-19 virus. The two persons identified as close contacts with the Auckland Cluster and who tested positive have not been at work since 14 August (1 week ago).  After this notification the Auckland operations centre underwent a deep clean and NZ post then conducted testing of 200+staff. 

Whilst the staff testing returned ALL negative results two other staff have advised they are not well. Pending further testing they are considered ‘possible’ and therefore the Ministry of Health have advised all 70 people working in the sorting centre on the day shift should be placed in isolation for 1 week. They do not believe other shifts pose any risk to each other. 

It is important to note that whilst in level 3 and being an essential service, NZ Post staff are required and have fully embedded processes to wear PPE (face masks and gloves) and practice 2 meter working distance restrictions. The chance of transmission through the network is unlikely. 

However, as a precaution NZ Post are following the advice from the Ministry of Health and have placed 70 staff into isolation. They are in the process of performing an additional deep clean of the Auckland Operations Centre and are moving staff from unaffected centres to cover the vacant void as the Auckland Operations Centre  is the at the heart of their network. 

This will cause some disruption to the operations of New Zealand Post and the Courier Post network in particular, especially when they are the largest service of distribution of all goods (essential/perishable and non perishable) in Auckland under Level 3. 

Courier Post have advised to expect delays and therefore we have decided to postpone the Upper North Island deliveries (services that are processed through Auckland Operations Centre) by 1 day in order to allow the service 1 day of extra time to induct and co-ordinate their new team. 

EAT is produced in Wellington where we are currently operating under level 2 and have no reported cases of community transmission. We have strict food safety processes and are regulated by some of the most robust food standards in the world  which go beyond COVID- 19 precautions and therefore there is no reason to think your food or service is a risk to you or your bubble. 

However this is a timely reminder to everyone to ensure you regularly wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and dry thoroughly… My daughter who is 6 reminds us often this is ‘Happy Birthday’ sung twice…. I can’t tell you how sick of that tune we are and will be mumbling it with zero enthusiasm when the next birthday hits our household in January!  

Be safe and take care, 

The suited up, masked up, gloved up team @ eat.