EAT has been cooking for people one meal at a time since 2009.

Everyone at EAT is a foodie or foodette, we all love food and we love cooking food. When you come from a long line of truly competent cooks, (Margaret’s grandmother was one of the early graduates of Cordon bleu cooking school and also taught celebrity chef Graham Kerr a thing or two in the kitchen) its easy!

But it was a simple act of love that lead them to the ultimate establishment of a brand which is NZ’s favourite and #1 provider of home delivered, Fresh, ready to heat and EAT meals!

When Margaret’s mother died her father lost the will to cook for himself. He simply wasn’t eating in spite of a fridge full of food, so making him complete fresh chilled meals which he could just microwave – no preparation required was the only option. Chance encounters led to others expressing an interest and when a request came through for 250 copies of the menu it was time to put things on a more formal footing.

Good, honest, wholesome but delicious meals made with only real ingredients may be the name of the game but it’s the relationship with customers which really makes the company sing. Our customers know good food. Period! It’s a lot to honour and we strive to achieve it one meal at a time……..


The home of fresh, ready to heat and EAT meals.

Allie and Margazret